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Sycon cladding – one name for a whole range of styles!

By August 8, 2016No Comments

The name James Hardie is synonymous with the construction industry in Australia – in fact even if you aren’t the game of building homes, you’re likely to have heard of the Hardie Company.

James Hardie® boasts 125 years of experience and knowledge from across the globe. It can easily be said that no other company possesses the same level of credibility and expertise as James Hardie when it comes to fibre reinforced cement building products.

Although James Hardie produce internal lining, building facades, structural flooring, wall and ceiling bracing, fencing and decorative products for homes, we are going to look specifically at James Hardie Sycon cladding range, and how it can assist you to achieve the most desirable look and feel in your new home.

Sycon cladding is perfect for external coverage – whether it is a whole house cover, or upper floor or ground level extension – as well as creating unique and character-rich feature walls inside your home.

Read about the Sycon range below, and based on your chosen style, see which Sycon variation will be best for your new home!


Sycon Stria:

 If it’s a classic lstriaook you are after in your new home, Sycon Stria is for you.

The traditional horizontal boards comes in three sizes; standard, for a timeless style, a thinner splayed, for the classic look of traditional timber, and wide for a more decorative approach to your cladding.

Stria cladding can provide a classic masonry look, without the additional time taken to lay bricks, render and paint, like wood it is easy to cut, but unlike wood will never warp or crack.

Sycon Linea weatherboard

From country to coast, weatherboard homes are a fixture in the Australian landscape, and have been for many decades, but the days of traditional wooden boards susceptible to swelling and cracking are numbered.

Sycon Linea weatherboards, made of lightweight cement composite, have revolutionised weatherboarding your home, and can be used to create either a contemporary, classic or composite design.

With different trims available, including the traditional Sycon and statement aluminium, you can add a modern twist to your traditional weatherboard home, and make your new home the talk of the street!

linea 2 linea 3


Sycon Matrix

You’re designing a modern family home or medium-densimatrixty building with all the newest features, so you obviously want a contemporary façade to accompany it.

Geometric shaped Sycon Matrix sheets, coming in both rectangular and square designs, allow for an endless range of horizontal or vertical patterns and styles to embellish the exterior or interior of your new home.

With emphasised joints between the panels, your new home will be transformed into an eye-catching, contemporary work of art, with the sanded sheets pre-primed for fast painting and highest quality finish.


Sycon Axon

Lastly, vertically running Sycon Axon boards turn traditional cladding upside down, by offering a simple yet extremely effective design alternative for your new home.

With the choice of smooth or grained textures, Axon can achieve a modern design with a high-quality, pristine finish made to last.

With Sycon Axon you’ll also have less wastage and minimal board cutting, as sheets are sized to fit most common wall frame sizes.

axon 2      axon

All four variations of the Sycon cladding range by James Hardie are made of a lightweight cement composite, meaning they are more resistant to warping and cracking that wooden boards, and come pre-primed, meaning less time and effort are needed painting once the boards have been installed.

Better yet, all products are rot, rain and termite resistant, meaning you can rest easy knowing your new home is not only beautiful, but will maintain its external integrity for decades.

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