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Storage in your home – maximising the visual and practical appeal

By July 25, 2016No Comments

Whether your house is home to a couple, a family of 5, pets, incorporates a home office, or is just a roof over your own head, one simple fact remains; you have possessions.

There may be a little, or there may be a lot, but there will always be ‘stuff’, and that ‘stuff’ requires storage.

You’ve thought long and about your new home, and the last thing you want is for its beauty to be lost in a sea of sheets, toys, clothes, pots and pans.



Full-wall shelving:

We are happy to announce that the days of massive, space-wasting, and intrusive television cabinets in your lounge room are all but over.

A full wall of built in shelving will transform your media, family or lounge room, and will free up a significant amount of floor space.

If your still partial to a low-line to house your media collection, consider recessing and mounting the TV in the wall, to minimise the visual impact of the furniture, and create a sleek and modern look.

128 Brooklyn - Bookcase and Kitchen  LSA_9043


What about in the bedroom?

Getting creative with your built ins can mean modern looking storage, and increased floor space in any sized bedroom.

Brooklyn shoe storage Leaving room under a built in for the bed to slide in by  building cupboards to the roof, means the two main  components of a bedroom – storage and bedding – are    taken care of, and space around the rest of the room has  been saved.

Design features like this give a child’s bedroom an  innovative and creative feel – and not to mention leaves  more room to play!



Under-stair storage:

Building a multi-storey home? Then make sure not to waste that valuable sp128 Brooklyn - Bookcase and Kitchenace underneath the staircase.

While under-stair cupboards aren’t exactly a revolution in the building world, choosing well-designed shelves instead add an elegant touch to your stair case, and can be used as a bookshelf, or to neatly display magazines, pieces of art, or that gorgeous kitchenware you’ve been dying to show off.



Recessed walls:

Most commonly seen in bathrooms – but slowly finding their way into hallways, lounge rooms and kitchens – recessed walls take advantage of unused space in the depth of the wall to maximise storage.

When teamed with a down light, a recess in the wall ads a modern touch to your new home, and increases your storage capability, without bringing in additional furniture.

Campaspe TV recess   128 Brooklyn - Entry


Consider the design of your laundry:

Brooms, vacuums, mops and ironing boards, they’re as unsightly as they are oddly shaped, meaning they’re often difficult to keep out of sight.

Thinking carefully about the design of your laundry cabinets, with a particular focus on these large items, will mean keeping your laundry tidy will be a breeze.


If you’re interested in finding out more creative ways to incorporate storage into your home, talk to the design team at PAH Innovative Construction today.


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