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Make your dream of an energy efficient home a reality!

By August 22, 2016No Comments

Environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient homes are what we all aspire to create.

But making them a reality can be difficult when you’ve got an image of your dream home, compliance codes to follow, an abundance of suppliers and even more products claiming they are the most superior, to contend with.

We want to break it down, and make it easier for you to understand the benefits of using two energy and environmentally efficient products our homes have come to regularly feature.


The first, is Bradford Insulation’s Anticon Roofing Blanket.

A metal roof is a stylish statement on any new home, whether it’s fixed with the latest finishes, or opts for a more traditional style.

But when you’re building a new home style is often forgotten when energy efficiency becomes a factor.

With the Anticon Roofing Blanket, guaranteed for the life of your home, you can have the best of both worlds; uncompromised style, without efficiency and maintenance worries!

When you’re cold at night, you pull a blanket over you, so it only makes sense that the same basic idea should be used to keep a house climate controlled too.


The technology:

Combining the two most effective forms of insulation – a glasswool blanket and reflective foil facing – the Anitcon Roofing Blanket is installed under the metal sheeting in a new home build or re-roof.


Energy Efficiency:

It provides the highest level of thermal insulation, keeping out 95% of the radiant summer heat, and stopping warmth escaping from the home in winter, making your home less reliant on energy-sucking heaters and coolers.


Noise Reduction:

The Anticon roofing blanket reduces atmospheric noise such as rain and aircraft, and significantly minimises that “metal creep” we are all so used to hearing in summer, when tin roofs expand and contract in line with temperature changes.


The second product we’re shining a light on is Foilboard Insulation Systems.

An Australian-owned manufacturer of insulation and fire-retardant boards, Foilboard Systems offer a huge range of products catering to a long list of insulation needs, for both residential and commercial projects.


Suits any style:

Whether you’re new home is brick veneer, double brick, timber clad or weatherboard, whatever style you’re trying to achieve, a Foilboard Insulation system will assist in regulating the temperature of your home, without compromising on the aesthetic.

Because of the product’s energy efficiency and longevity, the savings made when installing a Foilboard Insulation System will continue to be seen for the life of your home.


Floor to ceiling:

Installing a Foilboard Insulation system during the building of your new home means year round comfort, achieved through floor to ceiling coverage.

Foilboard teams the slim line design of aluminium surfaces with superior thermal reflective technology, to guarantee a comfortable and luxurious-feeling home. The system’s fire retardant features also mean your family is well protected in a Foilboard insulated home.


From ‘Man-Shed’ to glass patio – all areas are covered!

Whatever space you’re working on, from the Spandrel Glass insulation required for that beautiful glassed-in patio area, to the retrofit lining for a fully decked-out Man-Shed or garage for dad, Foilboard will have a system suited perfectly to your project.

Speaking from experience PAH can vouch for the ease-of-use when it comes to both Foilboard Insulation and Bradford’s Anticon Roofing blanket, and can ensure your new home will get from a slab and frames to lock-up stage quickly and easily!


Talk to the team at PAH Innovative Construction today to find out more about incorporating these products into your new home.

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