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Achieve simple sophistication, with BareStone cladding

By September 13, 2017No Comments
barestone claddin

Concrete or concrete-look walls inside and out is no new trend in Aussie home design, though it is one that seems to be sticking around in building circles.

And it is no wonder; when one material provides such style, simplicity, sophistication and contemporary aesthetics.

Concrete can be teamed with natural looks like timber and marble, or with harder items like copper or aluminium, to perfectly compliment any look, but in this article we’re looking at one particular concrete product; BareStone cladding.



Prefinished Bare Stone panels provide a raw look for the outside of your home, that blends seamlessly into the surrounding environment.

The product weathers naturally, stands up well in harsh environments, and can be cut into a diverse range of shapes and sizes, to create a unique design that’ll stop your neighbours in their tracks.

BareStone also requires low to zero maintenance after installation, as it does not require an applied finish like paint or render.



BareStone has the design flexibility to be used both externally and internally, to enhance the design aesthetics of your home.

The same prefinished, lightweight panels can be easily installed inside your home, in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens or living areas, to provide a raw, sleek look that will compliment both traditional and contemporary décor.

BareStone internal panels are also lined with a stain resistant coating, meaning they will maintain their stunning finish throughout years of wear and tear, children, pets and marks.

The concrete-look is perfect to team with timber, marble, or tiles indoors, or to complete an industrial look with exposed fixings.

The panels have a stain resistant coating applied and are simply installed internally by adhering to timber battens, or alternatively, and for a more industrial look, exposed fixing.

The neutral aesthetic of BareStone cladding, used indoors or on the exterior of a home, provide an appearance almost identical to a cement wall, introducing a stylish modern touch to contemporary or classic homes.


If you’re interested in finding out more about BareStone cladding, or how it could be implemented in your new home, contact our team today, for more information!

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