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Create a unique look with polished concrete

By August 17, 2017No Comments

Looking for a unique flooring option that won’t cost through the roof? Have you considered polished concrete?

You’ve most likely seen polished concrete flooring used on shows like The Block or House Rules, but you might be surprised to know that it isn’t a luxury only available to TV show renovation budgets.

In this article, we’re going to look at the benefits of choosing polished concrete flooring, in your new home.




A polished concrete floor means that traditional floor coverings are not necessary, as the original slab is being used at the finished floor surface, and therefore could make it a huge area for cost saving, during your build.

Also, with less extra materials being brought it for flooring, polished concrete floors mean less waste, which in turn means a more sustainable project.


Longer life

Polished concrete floors are less vulnerable to damage as other materials, and won’t require replacing or repairs.


Easy to clean

Nobody likes cleaning floors at the best of times, but cleaning a polished concrete floor is a breeze! Unlike carpet, they won’t collect and hide dust, dirt and allergens, and can be cleaned and polished up with a few wipes of the broom or mop.


Available in variety of colours and designs

The thought of polished concrete might seem rather dull to you at first, but the reality is that we can do a whole lot more than you think with that concrete.

The colour, level of exposure, and shine of the finish can all be customised by you, to create a flooring system that is not only simple and beautiful, but matched to the style of your home.


Unique look

Most homes you walk into, both new and old, will present you with a similar outlook with regards to flooring; carpet in the bedroom and living areas, tiles in the wet areas, and maybe some timber boards, floating floor boards, or lino.

Polished concrete flooring allows you to add a unique touch to your new home, without a drastic increase in budget.


If you’re interested in finding out more about the benefits of polished concrete flooring, or you’d like to see some examples of where it has been used in our homes, contact our team today!

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