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Winter heating special: Fireplaces

By June 14, 2018No Comments

We’re not sure whether it’s the smell of the wood, the soft crackling sound, or the lovely heat they radiate, but there is something extremely romantic about an open fireplace in a home. Unfortunately, there’s also something dirty, time-consuming and physically taxing about keeping one going all winter – not to mention it requires constant tending and a watchful eye with small children around.

Not only do they look almost identical, but the heat generated isn’t compromised, it’s instantaneous, and comes without the added effort of chopping and reloading wood hour by hour.

So which is best for your home; gas or electric? We’re going to look at the options, so you can sus out the one best suited to your lifestyle!



An electric fire place is perhaps the easiest of the “faux fireplaces” to operate in the home. All it requires to heat your home is a nearby power point, and it will begin to heat your home with just the flick of a switch.

The ambience and mood created by an electric fireplace is lovely, and comes with the additional benefit that they give off no fumes or carbon dioxide, meaning they don’t need to the vented or “flued” like other fireplaces

One con of an electric fireplace however is that their usage can be expensive, considering their heating capacity may be drastically less than their gas counterparts. Because of this, their efficiency relies on the size of the room they are installed in.



While they may take a little longer to heat a space than an electric one would, a gas fire place will provide a constant level of heat, and give you better control of temperature in the room they are situated, as well as throughout the wider home.

As well as the obvious benefit that there need be no wood chopping or carting, their remote control design is practical and simple to use, requiring only a power point and a gas bayonet for installation.

On top of this, a gas system can help you save as much as 25% on your power bills, as opposed to an electric design.

Both designs will also provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your family, with heating elements completely closed in; meaning the systems don’t pose the same burn risks as traditional open fires do.

If you’re interested about finding out more about installing a gas or electric open fire in your home, contact the PAH Construction team today for more information!

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