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Hamptons Style Homes

By June 27, 2018No Comments

Though it originated in one of the most upmarket areas of Long Island, New York, the Hamptons Style is becoming an increasingly popular style in Australian home design and construction.

The style itself combines warmth and elegance with sophisticated design, borrowing from the design elements used in some of the world’s most beautiful seaside homes. Of late we have enjoyed designing and building a huge number of Hampton-inspired homes for our clients.



The Hamptons Style exterior is achieved through a few simple design choices; beginning with timber cladding, typically in a range of soft greys, off-whites and pale blues.

Timber cladding gives a warm and inviting feel to a new home, and can make it feel as those it was constructed in a past era – despite new and modern trimmings.

With the modern advancements in design and fabrication, timber cladding will now last many decades without the need for repair or restoration as traditional weatherboard did.

Moving upwards from the cladding, a gable-style roof is almost always a feature of a Hamptons Style home, with large portions of the roof pitched in a triangular way to create that traditional style of roof children typically draw – an extremely homely touch.

Large balconies, enclosed by more timber cladding or plantation shutters often complete the exterior Hamptons look.



Moving indoors, few design trends say “Hamptons” better than timber floors, light and bright colour palettes, gorgeous soft furnishings and marble or stone bench tops.

Of course, nowadays many home builders are incorporating more modern elements into their Hamptons-inspired homes; while hanging on to the general Hamptons aesthetic.

These may include stacked stone or timber panelled feature walls, soft sheer curtains, and pendant lighting, which effortlessly bring a traditional Hamptons-style home into 21st century design.


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