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The beauty of a Dekton benchtop

By July 8, 2019No Comments

In one of our recent builds, we had the expert team from Harrison’s Joinery hook us up with the stunning addition of a Dekton benchtop. This high quality marble-look product added the final beautiful and unique touch to the brand new kitchen; but the benefits of Dekton products go far further than appearance.


Arriving in a single, cut-to-size piece, installation is easy, and the finished product looks seamless and uniform with no joins or cuts. Because the bench tops are cut to fit the specific space, it also means that Dekton bench tops can be integrated into any kitchen design, as they are completely customisable.

Love the look but want to know more? Here are some more benefits:


  1. Resistant to stains and scratches

It’s the perfect surface for inclusion in a high-traffic area, where you’ve got food being prepared and eaten, kids coming and going, family members gathering, etc. A Dekton benchtop is resistant to scratches and stains, so you can relax when you’ve got the whole crew around; your beautiful new kitchen will still look that way after they’ve left (maybe after you’ve given it a wipe down!)


2.  Maximum resistance to heat, and fireproof

It is potentially one of the safest products that our team could include in your kitchen build, as it comes with maximum resistance to heat, as well as being fireproof; so not even a minor kitchen mishap will destroy that lovely surface.


3. Colour stability

That stunning finish that your benchtop is installed with is guaranteed to stay looking impeccable for years to come; maintaining its colour, grain and shine.


4. Highly UV resistant

Sun shines right into your kitchen? Gorgeous! But, not so great for your countertops and appliances, right? Well actually it’s not so much of an issue with a Dekton benchtop, which is highly UV resistant.


5. Virtually zero water absorption

Spills are inevitable, especially in a kitchen, but you can rest easy knowing that your benchtop is almost 100% resistant to water absorption, meaning it won’t warp or bow, even if there are some clumsy people in your house!


Dekton brings together chef-standard features, with aspects that are practical for everyday family life, creating a product that is perfect for any modern family home. If you’d like to know more about having a Dekton benchtop installed in your next home build, get in touch with the P.A.H team today!

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