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6 Bathroom trends that 2020 will take from 2019!

By July 22, 2019No Comments

This year has seen a huge shift in bathroom styles and fixtures, so this week we’re exploring the six top trends we’ve seen in bathrooms in 2019, that will no doubt continue to reign in 2020. Let this list inspire you, or perhaps just let you dream about what your future bathroom may look like!



Contemporary bathrooms are all about including pieces with soft lines, be it in the vanity, sink, bath or mirrors. With sharp edges often looking harsh, the shift in bathrooms has been towards the “handmade” look; curved tapware, textured and patterned tiles on both walls and floors, and organic and asymmetrical shapes in mirrors and baths.


Statement sinks

Gone are the days of the sink being a mundane, boring-looking necessity in your bathroom. We now get requests for concrete vanities that incorporate a sink, stone, marble, even those that work with timber.

Anything that looks hand-formed and removed from the traditional “shiny, white sink” seems to be on the list of design requests from our clients. In fact, we’re now coming to a point where we are seeing whole bathrooms designed around that one stand-out feature.


Rimless toilets

Nobody likes cleaning under the rim of the toilet, so it was a revolutionary idea by a clever designer to remove that rim and not only make the line of the toilet more sleek, but make the whole thing far easier to clean, and more hygenic, no doubt!


Black fittings

Matt black fittings have been in for a while now, but the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in a hurry. Black is bold, and can often seem like a pretty extreme design choice, but when executed properly, it adds a level of chic and style that few other materials or colour schemes can bring to an interior.

Wondering where you could incorporate black into your bathroom? Think grout, tapware, shower frames, recessed shelves, light fittings…


Organic lines

Rather than a standard oval, symmetrical bath, we’re seeing more organic shapes and lines in bathtubs; and it’s making a huge impact on the overall look of a bathroom. Asymmetrical lines on a freestanding bath, that almost make it look handcrafted, bring warmth and texture to the room; which can have the tendency to feel cold and harsh, dependent on design choice.


And speaking of textures…

Timber, greenery, concrete, embossed tiles, terrazzo, marble, matt finish… It’s all about texture! We’re no longer after smooth, sleek elements, we want a mixture of textures that we can sink our teeth (or fingertips!) into, that bring life and character to a bathroom.


What do you think? Would you use some of these trends in your new bathroom? Or stick to a more traditional design?


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