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Supplier spotlight: WAGGA BRICKS AND ROOFING

By May 29, 2017No Comments

Bricks and a roof. They are two pretty essential parts of the construction game. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to build high-quality, energy efficient homes for our local clients, that stand the test of time.

Fortunately for you, we work closely with a fantastic local supplier, which means we can complete your dream home with excellent brick and roofing supplies, without adding exorbitant costs to your construction budget.

Wagga Bricks and Roofing are our local supplier of choice when it comes to brick and roofing supplies. Established in 2002, they’ve been serving the Wagga Wagga and wider Riverina community for more than 15 years, providing the best quality building supplies to professional builders, and DIY home renovators alike.


Why do we choose WBR?

The staff at Wagga Bricks and Roofing take great pride in being part of your building journey with our team at PAH Innovative Construction, and truly enjoy helping you select the right product for the build.

Their showroom and expansive outdoor display centre is also perfect for prospective home builders to walk through and get a sense of how their completed home will look.


What role will WBR play in the construction of my new home?

With an enormous range that is unsurpassed in the Riverina, the team at Wagga Bricks and Roofing will be responsible for providing all brick and roofing supplies for the build of your new PAH home.

Their friendly and experienced team will also assist you in making all of the important choices; after all, nothing will have more of an impact on the overall look of your home than the exterior walls and roof.

With a great many years of experience behind them, the team at WBR will look at our build, and accurately estimate the quantity of supplies necessary, so no wastage is left over at the end of the build.


Is it just bricks and roofing supplies?

You would be forgiven for presuming that’s all WBR provide, however it isn’t the case. You can source everything from skylights to concrete sleepers, masonry blocks, outdoor pavers, retaining wall supplies, and sandstone.

Wagga Bricks and Roofing also provide landscaping supplies and equipment, making them a one-stop-shop when it comes to fitting out the external components of your new home.


What products from Wagga Bricks and Roofing will PAH be using on my home?

WBR provide a large range of PGH Bricks and Pavers, ECS Masonry, Claypave pavers, Boral pavers and retaining walls, as well as a long list of other trusted, high-quality brands, that the team at PAH Construction use with pride.


Without suppliers like Wagga Bricks and Roofing, our team wouldn’t be able to offer you the same expertise, quality and affordability that has become synonymous with the PAH Construction brand, when it comes to designing and building your dream home.

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