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Raise your home’s I.Q

By November 15, 2017No Comments

We’ve got smart phones, smart TVs, smart cars… But what about smart homes? Thanks to the innovative range of Clipsal home systems, we’re already building smart homes for families throughout Wagga!

From smarter, more efficient lighting design and optimized climate control, to curtains that open at the push of a button, TVs that turn on to your favourite channel, and a sound system that knows to play that song you love – Clipsal bring the home technology you dream about to life.


Clipsal SILC (Simple Intelligent Lighting Control)

Clipsal’s SILC systems allow you to set the perfect atmosphere in your home for any occasion, while ensuring that your lighting is working as efficiently as possible to save you on your power bills.

And the best part? It’s all operated through your phone or tablet.

Dim the room, or control a group or just a single light, with the touch of a button – and say goodbye to arguing about who will get up to turn off the lights!

Wired through the home, and personalised so that you can name and rearrange areas of your home through the console, the system is secure, and won’t impede wall switches; giving you the best of both worlds.


Clipsal C-Bus

Climate control accounts for more than 50% of the typical Australia family’s power bills. Yep that’s right, over half of your electricity and gas bills are spent on heating or cooling your home!

The C-Bus system is designed to be customised to the home owner’s needs, controlling security, lighting, entertainment, and of course metering energy usage.

Conveniently controlled through a wireless device such as a smart phone or tablet, you can monitor current water, gas and electricity consumption, and schedule home functions such as lights on or off, to work with your lifestyle.



Clipsal Push

Clipsal’s push interface brings control of your home entertainment to the palm of your hand.

Modern homes are filled with so much equipment, from TVs and DVD players to gaming consoles, set-top boxes, computers and wireless devices, but Push gives you harmony around managing your entertainment sources, streamlining everything to operate from the one device.


If you’d like to know more about any of the Clipsal products mentioned, or how they could benefit your family and help you to save on your power bills, contact the PAH team today!

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