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Parquetry flooring: simple, timeless style

By November 27, 2017No Comments

There’s no denying that timber is a popular material of choice to feature in new homes, but it doesn’t always come in the form we think; floor boards, feature walls or exposed beams…

In this article we’re looking at parquetry flooring, and why we think the style trend is on its way back in!


What is parquetry flooring?

The word ‘parquet’ is French, and means “a small compartment”.  The term parquetry, speaking about flooring, means a geometric mosaic of small pieces of timber, arranged in one of a number of formations, but most typically, a herringbone pattern.

Parquetry flooring adds textural interest to any area in the home, bringing not only the warmth of timber but herringbone style that commands attention. Much like timber floor boards, parquetry is a timeless flooring option. It rose to prominence as early as the 1700s, and has remained a glamorous flooring choice for some 300 years!


Where would it work in my home?

Bedrooms, living spaces and hallways are the typical choices for parquetry flooring. Though most people elect to have carpet in a bedroom for added warmth, throwing a beautiful rug over the timber floor in the bedroom or lounge room will add that touch of warmth in the cooler months.

In a hallway, parquetry adds a dramatic feel, meaning your styling choices can remain quite minimalistic as you let the floors do the talking. Similarly to timber boards, parquetry flooring will allow you to use any colour palate you desire, seamlessly fitting with the walls and furniture around it.

For a softer, or a more dramatised, almost-gothic look, you can opt for a light or washed timber, or a darker stain.



Is parquetry a sustainable choice?

Provided it has been sourced from a supplier that makes use of offcuts or scraps to create the small mosaic pieces, parquetry flooring can be an extremely sustainable option, for those looking to minimise wastage and impact on the environment during the construction of their new home.

If youd like to talk to our team about installing parquetry flooring in your new home, or would like to see some examples of where weve used it to complete a look in the past, get in touch with the PAH team today!

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