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Point of use or whole-house water filtration?

By March 21, 2018No Comments

How often do you stop and think about the water that flows from your taps? Into your sink, bath, shower, washing machine, and drink bottles?

Most likely, you’ll fall into one of two categories; you’ll only drink bottled water OR insist on filtering it yourself, through an internal filtration system, or you aren’t too fussed and are happy to drink tap water as is.



Although the quality of water flowing into homes in Australia is typically extremely good, some of us still prefer filtered water. If your only concern is drinking water or the water you shower with, then a point of use system that is installed at the kitchen sink or showerhead is the best option for you. It is less expensive than a whole house system, and will remove any sediment from the water you’re about to drink or wash with.

However if you’re interested in letting only the purest and cleanest water into your home, through all outlets, then a whole house system that connects at the water metre will be the best option for you. Your choice of tapware will also significantly impact whether you need to consider a whole house, or an internal water filtration system.

Matt black tapware is becoming more and more popular because of it’s striking and eye-catching aesthetic, and while it looks great and can add an extremely contemporary feel to a kitchen or wet area, the style also comes with a handle of small problems that thankfully, have cost-effective solutions to mitigate them.



The calcium coming through regular, stainless steel tapware in the water may leave noticeable marks, however these are easily removed with a quick wipe down. However matt black tapware will mark far more noticeably, and far easier, and if not taken care of carefully and often, will begin to corrode and damage the look and functionality of your tapware.

A simple way to avoid having this damage done to your tapware before you realise it is occurring, is to have a whole home filtration system installed on your water metre at either the time your home is being built, or when your fixtures are being installed.



These types of water filtration units can also be installed to provide a cleaner source of for cover large-scale gardening or irrigation purposes.


If you’re interested in speaking with a member of our team about installing a point of use, or whole-house water filtration unit during your next build, get in touch today!


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