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How does my house get built: Part 2

By February 26, 2018No Comments

Last time we looked at the beginning stages of construction, and how a house starts to take shape from a concrete slab, to the shell of what will be your dream home.

This week we’re finishing off the build; delving into the final three stages of the construction process, leading up to that all-important and exciting handover day!


STAGE 4: Lock up

So many moving parts have already come together to reach this stage, from pre-construction planning, to slab pouring, frame construction, windows and exterior doors, meaning your house is now essentially a complete home… But it’s not ready for you just yet!

While the shell may be complete, there’s still some work to be done to make your new home as beautiful as you’re expecting it to be when you first walk in.



It’s during this stage we’ll also be looking at completing the basic landscaping for your new home, and while we won’t do it all (we’ll leave some of the fun for you), we can offer some advice on outdoor design.

Professional landscapers recommend going for unity in your design, meaning that consistency runs through everything, from plant choices to lay out, outdoor décor, pavers, and hardscapes such as boulders and stones.


STAGE 5: Fixing complete

Now your home is really starting to take shape. It’s getting fitted out with timber trims, interior doors, your selected joinery from kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity’s to built-in or walk-in robes, and walls are being plastered.

By this stage you’ll be no doubt be starting to get excited to see your interior paint and tile selections coming to life soon.



Packing and moving can be an ordeal… But it doesn’t have to be if you plan for it. Some tips for you to consider:

  1. Don’t make boxes too heavy, and make use of crates with wheels for heavier items.
  2. Label everything – and include what room the contents will be going into
  1. Leave clothes on their hangers for easy moving
  2. Considering ordering a grocery delivery (and maybe some takeout) to arrive at your new home to help you de-stress from the move!


STAGE 6: Painting and tiling

By now your new home is so close to being complete and ready for you to come in and add the final touches. Walls, skirtings and ceilings have been painted in your selected colours, and wet areas tiled, and there’s not much left for us to do.



One last thing to consider before your big move is an ‘Essentials Box’, including everything you’re going to need straight away in your new home. It might include; bed linen, towels, toilet paper, water, cups, coffee, all purpose cleaner, bin liners, scissors, paper plates, tools (if you need to reassemble furniture), toiletries, any medication or pain relief, a first aid kit (including bandaids!) pet food, and detergent.

It may sound like a lot, but that first night/day in a new house can be a long one spent unpacking, and no one wants to be doing an emergency Woolies run for toilet paper at 10pm!


STAGE 7: Handover day!

The big day is finally here, and there’s not much else we can say other than… Enjoy! Of course, the PAH team will still be in contact with you to finalise everything, and take care of any last minute issues you may have, but the home is now yours, and so we’ll handover the keys and wish you a lifetime of happy memories.


If you’re interested in finding out more about building your dream home with PAH, or you’re curious to know more about our building process, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly, professional and experienced team!

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