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Phantom Screens: Privacy, protection and peace of mind

By December 19, 2016No Comments

Over the last two decades, Phantom Screens have cemented the title of the premier provider of shading, insect and outdoor retractable screens in the southern hemisphere, which is why at PAH, we choose to use Phantom Screens in our new homes.

Taking European and Northern American designs, and adjusting them to suit Australian conditions and seasonal diversity, Phantom is now trusted by dealers and home owners nationwide, to protect their homes from a number of natural factors.


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The need for screens in Australian homes

As Australians, we are all well aware of the need for protection from those harsh UV rays, direct glare and insect influxes that all present themselves at different times throughout the year – it just comes with the Australian lifestyle!

And how can we best protect our homes from these factors while maintaining its aesthetic appeal and functionality?

The answer is well-designed and manufactured retractable screens, like the range from Phantom Screens, that can be seen on the doors and windows of our new home builds.


Phantom Retractable Insect Screens

There’s no denying that insects in the spring and summer months are a nuisance to Australian households.

The weather is warming up, and you want to leave your windows and doors open to naturally ventilate and control the temperature of your home, but with that fresh air comes a swarm of flies, mosquitos, and the odd huntsman spider to keep you on your toes.

But a retractable and durable screen door from the Phantom range, which will fit perfectly into new or existing homes, allows you protection from insect invasion and harmful UV rays and glare, without compromising your view or ventilation.

When designing your new home, we can order them to colour-match your planned décor, and to fit sliding, double French, stacker and bi-fold doors.


Serene window screens

Made specifically for windows, Phantom’s range of outdoor window blinds fasten securely to ensure your family’s safety and security, while also protecting them from UV rays and insects.

Similarly to Phantom’s door range, their serene window screens can be fitted to sliding windows, casement and awning windows, single and double hung windows, double French and bi-fold windows, and be customised to suit to colour-scheme and décor of your new home.

It’s strong and innovative mesh retention system means the serene window screens we install in your new home will remain intact though all weather conditions, making it the perfect choice for Wagga homes where the seasonal weather shifts are extreme.


Outdoor blinds – executive screens

If you’re looking to maximise your time spent in the great outdoors, as well as reduce the cost of energy usage in your home, Phantom’s Outdoor blinds are the ideal choice.

Phantom’s outdoor blinds can span 8 metres wide and 5 metres high in just one application and, as can all of their products, can retract so you can remove the screen when not needed.

You and your family will be able to spend more time in your outdoor living areas, with outdoor blinds that reduce the potency of UV rays and direct glare from the sun, while also minimising the nuisance caused by insects.

With a Phantom outdoor blind you can choose whether you would like it fashioned from insect, solar shading or privacy fabric, to meet your specific needs.


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Screens are a necessity in Australian homes, but thanks to Phantom, our choice in window and door screening, you can choose protection that maintains the aesthetic and functionality of your home, and fits in with your lifestyle and décor.

Not only will they protect you from annoying insects and the suns glare, Phantom screens installed by PAH Innovative Construction will allow you to better ventilate your home, meaning you’ll see a significant decrease on your energy bill.

Talk to the team at PAH Innovative Construction today about where and how the installation of Phantom Screens will benefit your new home!


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