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With bases in both Wagga and Canberra, The Building Supply Company provides high quality materials for residential, commercial and industrial construction to firms throughout the Riverina, South West Slopes, Central West, Murray, ACT, Snowy Mountains and South Coast.

Why do the team at PAH Innovative Construction choose the Building Supply Company? It’s simple!

The products they provide for our new home builds mean that we are able to create the most energy efficient, environmentally sustainable homes we possibly can – and for us, that is a big tick.

In this article we’re going behind the scenes with the Building Supply Company, and taking a look at some of the products that go into building your dream home.


CSR Hebel is one of the highest performing, leading masonry building products available in Australia.

It’s strong and versatile autoclaved aerated concrete panels and blocks make it an easy and efficient product not only to build with, but to live in.

As well as being energy efficient and assisting home owners to decrease their heating and cooling costs, Hebel provides design flexibility, excellent acoustic properties, and is both pest and fire resistant – an extremely important factor when building in drier, regional areas.



When it comes to render, texture and paints, Rockcote is an industry leader.

A home’s rendered exterior walls will always be a talking point, simply because they have the power to both bring beauty to new builds, and revive and bring life back to older homes.

With Rockcote texturising products, we are able to bring the uniqueness of the home owner into the build, truly making a family’s home feel as though it was made for them.

Whether it be marble or stone, in a modern or traditionally styled build, with Rockcote products from The Building Supply Company, our team can help you achieve an infinite number of looks for your home.

Rockcote steps into a league all of its own when it comes to paint, with their innovative, environmentally sustainable EcoStyle paint.

EcoStyle is both people and environmentally friendly, and provides long term protection and durability, with little maintenance required.



ThermaWall Plus external paneling, as stocked by the Building Supply Company, provides PAH with the ability to achieve a 5-star energy rating on our homes, due to its dual purpose design.

The product, perfect for traditional and modern designs, offers a range of lightweight panels that both insulate and clad in one easy application, meaning they are efficient with regards to cooling and heating your home for less, and efficient on time during the construction process.



Knauf Insulation products from the Building Supply Company ensure your home is working to its maximum efficiency when it comes to heating and cooling; from traditional glass wool batts and rolls, to blown glass wool made to suit any space.

Knauf’s Earthwool ceiling and wall thermal batts are made from bio-based, renewable materials, rather than the non-renewable, petroleum-based chemicals found in many other glass wool products, meaning healthier insulation for your family home.

Their blown glasswool insulation products are ideal for filling any space with high-performance loose-fill insulation, that will ensure complete coverage and bolster the energy efficiency of your home.

At PAH Innovative Construction, one of our main philosophies is ensuring the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of the homes we design and construct.

The Building Supply Company, through the products it stocks and provides, is a major contributor to ensuring our homes are as sustainable and energy efficient as possible.

Without wonderful suppliers like the Building Supply Company, our team wouldn’t be able to offer you the same expertise, quality and affordability that has become synonymous with the PAH Construction brand, when it comes to designing and building your dream home.





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