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PAH Design Guide: Windows

By August 31, 2018No Comments

A window may seem like a fairly simple addition to a home; a pane of glass stuck in an appropriately cut hole in the wall. Simple right? But when it comes to making the final design decisions on your new home, you may be faced with an onslaught of window choices, that will each provide a different outlook and style for your home.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through some of the most common window choices for our clients, to help make that decision a little less stressful for you!



Just as the name suggests, a portrait or picture window is placed in an area of the home, so as to highlight a feature of the home’s exterior.

These large panel windows can be utilised to frame the front yard, back yard or patio area, not only allowing a clear and uninterrupted view of the outdoor areas from inside the home, but also allowing for natural light to flood the selected area.



Typically used in those homes with high ceilings, highlight windows are long, thin panes positioned high on the wall of a room, well above eye level.

They provide air flow, light and an interesting design addition to a new home, while aiding in cooling in warmer months; with heat rising and escaping through the high, open panels.

Tucked up high above doors, or as part of a skillion roof, highlight windows will prevent the UV-caused fading of furniture and finishings, while offering the privacy lower windows to do not.



What better way to take full advantage of daytime natural light than to install windows on the roof?

Skylight windows can transform an otherwise dark area into a well-ventilated and naturally lit space you and your family will love to spend time in.

If you’re building in an area where the night sky is clear and visible, skylight windows can also allow you to star gaze from within your home!



If you’re incorporating an outdoor entertainment or kitchen area into your new home, then a strut awning window is the choice for you.

With ease, they allow for your indoor and outdoor entertainment areas to blend seamlessly, to create the perfect space for family gatherings or parties.



A small take on the strut awnings mentioned above, bifold windows are often incorporated into similar settings – the meeting place of an indoor and outdoor entertaining area – to allow easy access to both areas.

They are low maintenance, energy efficient, and work to make a space seem bigger and more expansive than it really it.

The traditional look of a double hung window will suit all home styles, while providing superior ventilation and airflow reducing heating and cooling costs, and with a huge variety from timber to aluminium clad, can be designed to suit any interior décor choice.

Finally, durable sliding and wind out windows allow you to make your home energy efficient with ease, while the fewer parts that comprise them will mean they are low-maintenance for decades to come.


If you’re interested about finding out more about building with an experienced and award-winning builder in the Wagga region, contact the PAH Construction team today for more information!


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