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When you see the finished product at the conclusion of a build by PAH Innovative Construction, more often than not those receiving congratulations on a job well done are our team.

You’re right, our team does deserve a huge round of applause! But there is another crucial element in the building process which without, we wouldn’t see nearly the same levels of success; our suppliers.

Over the next few weeks we’d like to introduce you, the DIY-lover, home-renovator or potential new home builder, to the suppliers that make the PAH designs come to life!

Beginning this week, with Reece Plumbing.

Reece Plumbing is without a doubt Australia’s premier supplier of plumbing and bathroom products.

With more than 450 stores nationwide, including one right here in Wagga, Reece fits out PAH homes with the highest quality plumbing and wet-area fixtures, to ensure our homes last a lifetime.


Fitting out our bathrooms…

Best known for their bathroom items, Reece Wagga allows the team at PAH Innovative Construction to design and create one-of-a-kind bathrooms for our clients.

No matter the style of your new home, Reece will work closely with us based on your plans, to source and match the best selection of prime cost items to suit your budget and taste!

From baths and showers heads, to mirrors, vanities and taps, Reece’s extensive range means we’re able to source all of the bathroom fittings for your new home quickly and easily.

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 Sorting out our plumbing supplies…

Reece Plumbing stocks the highest-quality, most highly-regarded plumbing brands not only locally but nationwide, so it’s no wonder we use Reece when installing plumbing in our new homes.

Whether it’s in a bathroom, kitchen or laundry, for us the choice is simple! When we’re installing PEX plumbing systems inside walls, rooves and under floors, we don’t want to be installing a product that will require frequent maintenance, we want a system that will last the life of the home.

Reece only stocks trusted brands such as Auspex, Rehau and Sharkbite, all of which come with 25 year warranties, after-sales support and are uncompromising when it comes to product quality.




But it isn’t only bathrooms!fb_img_1477394127086_resized

At PAH we don’t only source our bathroom, kitchen and other wet-area supplies and fittings from Reece, we also work closely with their local team when it comes to roofing our projects.

The Dura range of environmentally friendly roof flashing stocked and endorsed by Reece will ensure your new home is weather-resistant, while preventing water from entering the building through the roof.

Having been designed by plumbers, for plumbers, the roof plumbing products we source from Reece are suited to a huge range of shapes from high pitched to flat roofs, and are easily interchangeable, saving you time and money in the long term.

Without suppliers like Reece Plumbing, our team wouldn’t be able to offer you the same expertise, quality and affordability that has become synonymous with the PAH Construction brand, when it comes to designing and building your dream home.





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