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What is a drop zone?

By April 23, 2018No Comments

Google the term ‘drop zone’ and you won’t immediately be presented with lovely organised homes; in fact what you’ll likely get is a list of search results regarding where a parachutist may land.

But the drop zone, or ‘mud room’ as they are often also known as, that we’re referring to is an area at the entry of your home or communal living space, designed to help you keep the rest of the home (relatively) neat and tidy.

They work by eliminating clutter such as school bags, hand bags, shoes, sports gear, keys, umbrellas, wallets, and even ties, sunnies and hats from entering the remainder of the home, creating a place to ‘drop’ any items not needed until the next time you or your family are leaving the home.



As previously mentioned, you’ll want your drop zone to be near the central entry/exit way to the home, or if this doesn’t work with your layout, near the entry and exit point of your living/dining area, where the family most commonly comes together.



As it will hopefully become the first thing you see when you enter your home, and the last before you leave, you’ll want to ensure there is sufficient storage to hold everything you don’t want to find strewn throughout the house. And by everything, we mean EVERYTHING.

So you’ll want to be thinking enough hooks for handbags, backpacks, hats and coats, lower shelves for shoes or storage boxes, small hooks for keys, draws or file holders for mail and other documents, and possibly even small decorative trays or bowls for wallets, sunnies and spare coins.

What you use your drop zone to home will be up to you – but one tip; it can never have too much storage space!



Of course, despite your best design efforts, forward planning, and dreams of a neat and tidy home, just because you’re installing a drop zone doesn’t mean the work will all be done for you.

You’ll still need to make sure you keep it tidy – we all know how the end of a school day can see shoes, hats and bags throw into the air and forgotten within the blink of an eye – and encourage your family to utilise the space properly.


Do you think a drop zone would be helpful in your new home? Keen to see some examples of drop zones utilised in past PAH builds? Get in contact with our team today!

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