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We are so lucky that, as a regional construction company, we have access to almost everything we need for each and every build we complete, right within our reach here in Wagga.

No travel is necessary to get the tools and supplies we need to build and fit out your new home, meaning your home can be completed on time and within budget.

One of the suppliers helping us to get the job done quickly, and to the highest standard, is Hudson Building Supplies.

Hudson manufacture timber, doors, skirting, builder’s hardware, roof trusses, wall frames using the latest design software, to ensure that all of our, and your, building needs are met.

The experienced staff can also assist with all of your enquiries, when your making those tough decisions when planning your dream home!



Hudson offer a range of decking board options to suit all budgets and styles, from the cheaper Australian soft and hardwood options, to more expensive imported and composite decking.



Hudson supply our team with a lot of timber products that will end up contributing to the structural integrity of your new PAH home, including framing, treated timber, and interior flooring.

We also source bricks, insulation, ventilation accessories, flashings, and plastic building and sheeting moulds from Hudson’s, which might seem boring or insignificant, but will contribute hugely to your home; without these timber and building products, your home may not stand the test of time!



Creating energy efficient homes that are able to do the majority of climate control themselves are what we are all about. We want you to be able to rely on your home to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, not your gas or electric system, which is why we use top quality insulation products from Hudson’s in all of our new homes.



Once the foundations are up, it’s time to put the final fixtures in the home. From big items like doors and plasterboard, to tiny hinges, fasteners, locks and handles, Hudson’s can supply it all for us.

And they can even take care of us when our chippies are short on equipment, stocking the highest quality cutting and grinding gear, measures and levels, and hand and power tools.


Without suppliers like Hudson’s Building Supplies, our team wouldn’t be able to offer you the same expertise, quality and affordability that has become synonymous with the PAH Construction brand, when it comes to designing and building your dream home.

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