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Out of sight, out of mind – in-slab heating!

By July 10, 2016No Comments
Ausplex Radiant underfloor heating by PAH Construction

Say goodbye to having chunky, obtrusive gas, oil, or electric systems throughout your home, and opt for the Radiant in-floor heating system from Auspex, offering efficient heating, without interfering with the aesthetic of your new home.

Not only does it add energy efficiency to your home, and raise the level of comfort for you and your family, but Auspex Radiant has been specifically designed based on Australian codes, climate and building regulations.


The Auspex system provides maximum energy efficiency, as it compensates for heat loss through walls and ceilings, analysing the environment to only use as much energy as is required to heat the space.

The heat released throughout the home is also distributed evenly and without the loud and often clunky sounds gas or electric heaters produce when their heating capabilities are pushed to the limit (the middle of a Riverina winter for example!)

Not only is the health of the system protected by being hidden in-floor, but the health of your family when you install an Auspex system is also guaranteed.

Because dust and dirt particles are circulated at a slower rate than forced air systems, Radiant by Auspex creates a healthier, allergen-free environment for you to raise your family in.

PAH Construction are licensed installers of Auspex Radiant in-floor heating systems, and are happy to chat with you about the comfort and energy efficiency the system can bring to your new home.


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