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Meet our designers and surveyors

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The process of getting a home from a discussion around an office desk, or standing on an empty block of land, to handing over the keys to a proud family, is one that involves many parties and areas of expertise.

One of the first groups of people involved in the process are the teams that get the home designed to perfectly suit and cater to you and your family, and those who test the land and make sure the home is engineered flawlessly, to ensure a home that will last a lifetime.

Meet our designers and surveyors!


Sewell Design

Following the mantra that every site is different, and every client is different, Wagga-based designers Sewell Design works with one end goal in sight; exceeding your expectations as their client.

Describing themselves as unique and innovative, in working with their team extensively we know this to be true, as Sewell Design consider every design aspect, and attempt to match it with a solution that is as individual as the family who’ll soon live in the home.

The team at Sewell Design has built a strong reputation on making the home design process enjoyable, interactive and as relaxed as possible.


Rocket Drawing

From brief to concept plans, through to delivering a residence that is architecturally superior, Rocket Drawing has spent more than 4 decades designing homes for Australian families.

Drawing on metropolitan designs for inspiration, Rocket Drawing aims to provide PAH clients with something a little bit different; something that pushes the barriers design-wise.

Now based in Torquay Victoria, Rocket Drawing provides a design solution that allows clients to start from scratch, with no pre-conceived plans involved.


Design 2 Consulting

Focusing on designing solutions that fit the lifestyle and budgetary needs and objectives of the client, Design 2 Consulting is a Wagga-based design and structural engineering firm.

Working initially from a clear and understood client brief from you as a new home builder, Design 2 Consulting will maintain open communication and interaction with both our team and your family, to ensure you are consistently part of the design process, and when the time comes, you are handed the keys to your forever home.


TJ Hinchcliffe Surveyors

While you’re busy working alongside the PAH team and the designers to make sure your home is a perfect fit for you, there’s another separate team determining the best way to position your home on the land, surveying levels, connections to powerlines and water mains and the general terrain.

Wagga surveying company TJ Hinchcliffe Surveyors are one of the first teams on site when it comes to building your home.

They’re there before the slab is laid and the materials arrive, making sure that the design has been engineered correctly to suit the block, that occurrences such as floods have been accounted for, and that the home will comply 100% with council requirements.


Using a range of highly regarded and experienced designers, architects, surveyors and engineers to design homes for our clients, means that we have been able to develop an award-winning portfolio of homes that maintains consistency in its quality, functionality and efficiency, but is dynamic with regards to design and style.

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