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Behind the scenes with the people powering your new home

By February 15, 2017No Comments

When you enter your home for the first time and flick on the lights, turn on the television, or take a nice warm shower, it’s easy to take these luxuries for granted.

This week, we’re taking a look at the teams who are responsible for ensuring these, and so many more features of your new home, run smoothly from day one.



All Aspects Electrical, one of Wagga’s most trusted and respected electrical providers, is able to take care of your home’s electrical needs, no matter what the space or power requirement.

From planning how to design the most energy efficient electrical layout for your new home, to connecting your new home to the electricity network, and providing initial site power to get our build up and running, All Aspects do it all.

While it may seem as though our sparkies simply just give us light and power points, their services in fact are what keeps your home running.

All Aspects’ wide range of services will keep your new home warm, cool, lit, powered, safe and secure from day one.

On top of lights, power points and circuits throughout your home, they’ll install hot water systems, bathroom heat lights and exhaust fans, ceiling fans, power to you shed or garage, security systems and sensor lights, power and lights to your pool and spa, smoke alarms, ovens, range hoods and cooktops.

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We might all be hooked on our smaller screens during the day or when we’re at work, but at home, it’s the bigger screen that Australians still love; our televisions.

MRD Communications are Wagga based audio visual installers and repairers, and our first choice when it comes to wiring your new home for state of the art entertainment.

From basic antenna installations and cabling for entertainment systems, to configuring digital boxes, and adding additional TV and home phone points throughout the home, MRD are the local communications specialists.

MRD also provide the highest quality security needs for our homes, from basic alarm systems to security cameras, installation, service and maintenance.

With a reputation for prompt and second-to-none service that moves quickly in line with today’s technology, MRD works to ensure your home is fitted with the latest audio visual solutions tailored to your style and budget.

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When it comes to heating, cooling, securing, and entertaining those in your home, power is without doubt the single most important factor, which is why we entrust the planning and installation of electricity and communications in all PAH homes to suppliers like All Aspects Electrical and MRD Communications.

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