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8 things you WON’T want to forget on moving day!

By May 26, 2019No Comments

Moving day can be stressful. You’ve been preparing for months for the day you pack up one home and move your family into your brand new one. But often, amid the chaos there can be important, and necessary, items you forget to pack, which can make that first day and night slightly uncomfortable.

In light of all that, here’s our ultimate list of moving day essentials:

  1. Pillows and bedding:

Even if you and the fam are planning on camping on mattresses on your first night in the new home, you can always make sure its a little comfier, with your bedding and pillows. That way, little people will also feel more at home, if the things they are used to having around them at night are still there.


  1. Cleaning supplies:

Even if you’re moving into a sparkling clean new home, it’s nice to clean your home in your own way, to make it truly feel like it’s your own. Packing a small bag or crete with your favourite cleaning essentials will make a quick ‘once over’ simple and easy – without needing to do a trip to the supermarket.


  1. Tools and flashlight:

If you’re taking apart and rebuilding furniture, you won’t get very far without tools close by. If you’re like us, you’ll want to work into the night to get it all done in one day too; hence the need for a torch, because let’s face it, trips to the car and back with arms full are much easier with some light on the scene!


  1. Toilet paper!

Do we need to be any more specific? Let’s just say, no one wants to get caught out – make sure you’ve got at least one roll for every bathroom.


  1. Phone chargers and speaker:

On moving day there’ll be constant calls back and forward, and there’ll also be bored children. Making sure there’s charged devices, and even a set of speakers or a radio will make the day more manageable.


  1. First aid kit:

Whether it’s a splinter, a hammer on a finger, or graze while a little person is a little too eager to see their new backyard, you’re going to need band-aids, ice packs, and some Dettol on hand; just in case!


  1. Bathroom essentials:

We’ve already mentioned toilet paper (can’t hurt to mention it again though, you really don’t want to forget it) but your new home will feel much more livable if you ensure you’ve got all the toiletries your family need for your first night. We’re talking deodorant (moving is sweaty work!), toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap and towels, and even a shower curtain, if necessary in your new bathroom.


  1. Snacks!!

If you can make it through an hour in your household without someone asking for a snack, we applaud you, but you can trust kids to ask for snacks when you have nothing in the house. A little esky or lunchbox with some go-to nibblies will make the day easier on everyone – especially mum!


If you’re moving home, or getting the keys to your new home soon we encourage you to print or screen shot the list above to make that stressful day run a little smoother.

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