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Looking to create a sustainable home?

By June 27, 2016No Comments

Whether you’re looking to build, or upgrade your existing home, you can’t look past Dulux’s revolutionary cladding system Exsulite, when it comes to energy efficient insulation in your home.

Having installed the system on several of our recent projects – including the Springvale project in the images above – we are positive that Exsulite delivers a holistic approach to insulation and finishing, and when installed by a trained Exsulite installer, gives you complete peace of mind.

An all-in-one thermal cladding system, Dulux Exsulite is great for new residential and multi-residential construction projects, and for easy façade correction during renovations.

Several factors combine to ensure the energy efficiency of the Exsulite system. These include:

  • Continuous air and moisture management system. The inside atmosphere is better controlled, so you rely less on heating and cooling systems.
  • Resilience against heat, wind and moisture damage. Exsulite is reliable, and won’t require regular maintenance or upgrading.

Exsulite 3

Depending on the insulation needs of your home, Exsulite can be purchased in several thicknesses, and the team at PAH Innovative Construction can help you determine the best choice for your home.

Looking past the energy efficiency of the system, the benefits of installing the Dulux Exsulite system in your new home or renovation project are huge, and include the following:

  • Built for Australian conditions: Dulux has been designing finishing systems for Australian homes for more than 30 years, and are well of the conditions our homes are faced with.
  • Suitable for high-risk fire areas: The Exsulite has been rate BAL-29, meaning it is suitable for homes determined to be in bushfire prone zones.
  • Fully certified: The Exsulite system is certified compliant with the Building Code of Australia’s performance standards for, structural performance, wind resistance, thermal performance, damp and weatherproofing.
  • Sound insulation: Exsulite offers improved sound insulation and acoustics within your home.

Exsulite cladding stands out from the competition because of its efficacy, durability and energy efficiency, and comes in the latest fashionable colours and finishes, providing a stylish and sustainable walling system for you home that is second-to-none.

Talk to us at PAH Innovative Construction today, and find out more about the benefits of installing the Exsulite system in your new home or renovation project.

Exsulite 2  Dulux Exsulite 3

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