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2019 Interior style plan for your home

By March 14, 2019March 26th, 2019No Comments

What’s out and what’s in for 2019 in home decor? We’re going to take you through a speedy wrap-up of the year to come in interior styling; starting with some notable inclusions on the list:


Strange word, lovely look. Essentially what we’re talking about is the addition of natural elements in the home; from some gorgeous greenery (real or fake, you choose) to stone and timber, and skylights and feature windows that invite the outside in.

Feminine tones:

Think dusty pinks, creme, blush, bronze… They’re all back on the colour palette in a big way, from bedding, linen and artworks, to feature walls and fittings.

Boldly-patterned splashbacks:

In an arena where minimalism seems to have taken over, we’re welcoming back the bold splashback this year – and secretly hoping this trend hangs around!

Sustainable, handmade pieces:

Market-chic is very on trend this year, bringing some grounding elements back into the technology-cluttered home as a way of feeling more in touch. Also, any excuse to visit your local boutique market, right?


So they are just a few of the “in” trends for 2019, so what’s on the outer?

Eclectic clutter:

There’s a very fine line between artistic styling and full-blown clutter, and when a space has too many things going on, it can create visual chaos. De-clutter your benchtops, shelves, book cases, side boards, TV units, etc., and find space for just the most memorable and evoking pieces.

Cool greys:

Goodbye deep, rich hues, and hello warm whites! This year is all about the starker neutrals, no matter the season.

Rose gold everything:

It’s been seeping into homes in abundance for the past few years, but it’s safe to say in 2019 rose gold is on it’s way out! Options that are more easier to integrate into any colour scheme? Think polished nickel or antique brass for some real character.

Minimalist art:

Minimalism has seemed to be EVERYWHERE in the world of interiors recently, but it’s quickly being replaced by it’s more out-there cousin, maximalism; especially when it comes to art in the home. If you’re keeping a minimalist style throughout your furniture, consider ramping up the colour in a room but including a piece of art that is bold and head-turning, rather than grey and sterile.


If you’re looking to shake up your home styling in 2019 but have no clue where to begin, consider these few ‘ins and outs’ for the year to get the ball rolling!

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